A look back

I took a look back on the past 5 years today and have loads to thank God for, but I also have one question. In the past 5 years I’ve travelled to at least 5 countries. I’ve allowed at least 5 people to impact my life in a positive way. God gave me someone to love and we’ve unwrapped at least 5 new pieces of furniture (20 to be more realistic). We’ve also slept in at least 5 different hotels, experienced at least 5 different towns and indulged in at least 5 different restaurants. I’ve completed at least 5 training courses, university modules or life coaching sessions. I met at least 5 people who are simply extraordinary. I’ve had at least 5 jobs, each one better than the previous. The list goes on into infinity. I am extremely thankful and 5 years from now I will have had my 26th birthday. But why is it that so many 26 year old people have done absolutely nothing with their lives?!?!

Just two guys taking life one adventure at a time