HourHaus Productivity Consulting.

HourHaus consults SME’s on employee productivity and coordinates implementation of HR-supporting services including internal communication, SOP’s, IT, office management, wellness and more..

We specialise in using technology to improve time management and making payroll a better investment. By coordinating between specialists like HR consultants, IT services, office management service providers and more, HourHaus becomes your singular provider of more time.

Book your 1-day consultation my emailing arno@rarno.co.za

Some of our services include:
– Office Layout
– SOP’s
– Cleaning Services
– Organogram preperation
– Disciplinary Procedures & Hearings
– Recruitment advice & appointment execution (Contracts, Files, Interviews, Job Descriptions)
– Policies & Procedures
– Performance Management
– Talent Management
– Internal Communication Systems (Replacing Email)
– Training & Workshops (Managers & HR)
– Systems & Processes Analysis
– Systems & Processes Development
– Systems & Processes Implementation
– Employment Equity
– Change Management
– Software Analysis & Improvement Implementation
– PABX / IP Phones
– HR Culture Development
– Team Coaching
– Staff Canteen Setup, Rentals, Solutions
– Packaged Insurance
– Bookkeeping
– Employee Happiness (Evaluate, Improve)
– Business Startup Assistance
– and More…

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