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Trailer Trash meets Lush Luxury

Last night we visited the Old Mac Daddy luxury trailer hotel in Elgin Valley. After reading about this daring concept, we didn’t know what to expect – a campsite-vibe or a luxury hotel… We were so pleasantly surprised to find an overwhelming experience of the latter.

Old Mac Daddy offers trailer units with artist-themed bedrooms and uber-contemporary living spaces as well as comfortable glamping style tented options and 2 self-catering units for larger extended families of groups of friends.



Upon check-in we met a slightly discomforted couple who wanted to find another available trailer with a bigger bathroom than the one they had checked into. I offered to swop and so we ended up in the trailer called “Life before Colour”. Here is a link to the other themes their trailers showcase:

The trailers are all cozily nestled in the lush environment and offer views of the spectacular Elgin Valley.

Daddy’s Adventures, another part of the “Daddy-portfolio” offers excitements such as archery, mountain biking and zorbing (getting into a massive plastic bubble and making a complete arse of yourself while floating above water). There is a beach where cocktails can be enjoyed and a mobile spa which is great for getting you into the escapist mood. Children can be booked in to the kids area where they are kept busy with loads of facilitated activities for as long as the sun is up!


After a walk exploring the grounds, we asked (probably the most helpful I’ve ever come across) the porter to show us Daddy’s Hideaway: A tent, decked out with luxurious touches and stylish finishes, Daddy’s Hideaway has your every comfort covered. From the private plunge pool, heated bath tub and shower, to swinging deck chairs and complimentary Wi-Fi. We’re definitely staying there next time!

The Barn (Restaurant) is a contemporary space mixing industrial corrugated iron, glass and wood and filled with fireplaces to create the perfect modern, (almost 5-star) dining experience! The menu consisted of mundane meals (Pizzas, Oxtail, Burgers etc.), but to be honest, it fits the theme perfectly (I don’t want to stay in a trailer and eat salmon and cream), yet they were prepared extremely well and it was clear that each plate was prepared with care and love.

Old Mac Daddy has exceeded our expectations and can definitely expect us to return!

Pre-gruel weekend

Wow! What a great weekend we’ve had!

I made a point of resting as much as possible for two reasons. First is that we had the PaarlApp launch on Tuesday which was not only exhausting, but also resulted in loads of admin, loading new clients on the app and getting the accounting part updated. The second reason is that Yolanda, my manager at the spa, will be on leave this week and I’m left to run the show.

We certainly made the best of the time we had off together, something we’ve been neglecting for a while. On Friday evening we went to Cape Town with Ryno’s co-workers for a Gin Festival. What a disappointment! After having paid R100pp for tickets, we arrived at the event and to our surprise, we were expected to pay to taste each brand at R80 for the cheapest one. So we quickly decided that there may be alternatives to make the evening more worth while, seeing that we’re already in Cape Town.

I suggested we go to Beefcakes, a personal favourite burger bar known for their (ahem) muscular, toned waiters and drag shows. Another letdown was that the show’s price has gone up with R70pp and one doesn’t have the option of just having a drink – so the “drag show ticket” acts as an entrance fee at R150pp. Luckily the manager heard that we’re there as a corporate team that was disappointed in the gin fest, and allowed us to have drinks without having to pay for the show.

The show was great and I indulged in a “Pink Tea” or two. The ladies in our group opted for nibbles and weren’t disappointed. Afterward we went to Crew Bar where all of us suddenly remembered that we actually needed the night out. We are all so used to working 7days a week and regularly on evenings that we’ve become accustomed to sitting at home on our off days. We’ve all become older than we are and aren’t used to meeting new people or staying up late.

We danced and sang and had a few drinks before we collectively decided to go home. I’ve always been one to take every moment as a lesson and what I’ve learnt from this night out is that a group of people can respect each other enough to make unanimous decisions if they communicate properly, that we should never assume anyone is used to what you deem the norm, and that we should definitely go out more often to stay updated with the prices of our favourite places!

Enjoy the week and be kind xx Arno

Because we can…

To alleviate some of the stress I’ve been having with the PaarlApp launch being 2 days away, Ryno told me this morning; “Let’s go to the beach” And so we did…

“Let’s go to the beach”

But as this was already an impulsive outing, I was hungry as soon as we got into the car, so we planned to stop somewhere on the way to get a snack… Oh no… We came across the Blaauwklippen Market. Quite a quaint market compared to the glorious Root44, but a much more enjoyable experience in my opinion. Where we had Pizza-in-a-Cone for the first time and we weren’t disappointed!


We eventually ended up at the beach – Gordon’s Bay specifically, for no reason..


And then the impulse…. JC le Roux completely-unplanned-but-absolutely-fabulous MCC tasting! What an experience. It cannot be put into words. Ryno had the deluxe pairing which involves pairing each of the 5 MCC’s with a different bite-size snack from maccarons to fudge. I opted for a less risky option (if at all); the Nougat Pairing where 5 different flavours of nougat are paired with 5 different MCC’s. For those who don’t know; MCC stands for Methodè Cap Classique, which is basically the South African version of Champagne – same process, different country.

We enjoyed the experience, ambience and venue so much that we made a booking for the day after Christmas with our Christmas guests..