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Arno matriculated from Hoërskool Waterkloof in Pretoria in 2012 and went to study Arts Management at the Western Australian Academy of Arts in Perth. His passion for the arts still remains as he currently works as Logistics Manager at Bakwena Spa in Paarl.

Because we can…

To alleviate some of the stress I’ve been having with the PaarlApp launch being 2 days away, Ryno told me this morning; “Let’s go to the beach” And so we did…

“Let’s go to the beach”

But as this was already an impulsive outing, I was hungry as soon as we got into the car, so we planned to stop somewhere on the way to get a snack… Oh no… We came across the Blaauwklippen Market. Quite a quaint market compared to the glorious Root44, but a much more enjoyable experience in my opinion. Where we had Pizza-in-a-Cone for the first time and we weren’t disappointed!


We eventually ended up at the beach – Gordon’s Bay specifically, for no reason..


And then the impulse…. JC le Roux completely-unplanned-but-absolutely-fabulous MCC tasting! What an experience. It cannot be put into words. Ryno had the deluxe pairing which involves pairing each of the 5 MCC’s with a different bite-size snack from maccarons to fudge. I opted for a less risky option (if at all); the Nougat Pairing where 5 different flavours of nougat are paired with 5 different MCC’s. For those who don’t know; MCC stands for Methodè Cap Classique, which is basically the South African version of Champagne – same process, different country.

We enjoyed the experience, ambience and venue so much that we made a booking for the day after Christmas with our Christmas guests..

A look back

I took a look back on the past 5 years today and have loads to thank God for, but I also have one question. In the past 5 years I’ve travelled to at least 5 countries. I’ve allowed at least 5 people to impact my life in a positive way. God gave me someone to love and we’ve unwrapped at least 5 new pieces of furniture (20 to be more realistic). We’ve also slept in at least 5 different hotels, experienced at least 5 different towns and indulged in at least 5 different restaurants. I’ve completed at least 5 training courses, university modules or life coaching sessions. I met at least 5 people who are simply extraordinary. I’ve had at least 5 jobs, each one better than the previous. The list goes on into infinity. I am extremely thankful and 5 years from now I will have had my 26th birthday. But why is it that so many 26 year old people have done absolutely nothing with their lives?!?!