Cochlear Incapacity

Two nights ago, I had to go to the ER with a serious case of vertigo. As I’ve already lost one of my ears’ functionality (hearing and balance) about 10 years ago, I took the symptoms quite seriously and explained this to the doctor.

The cochlea contains a “labyrinth” of liquid which maintains balance and equilibrium – my left cochlea has a sort of puncture after a car accident and it seems the liquid has crystallised due to the airlock being broken. What seems to have happened is that some of these crystals got stuck in the wrong loop after the big move (Read “The Big Move” posted on 19 April 2017).

I’ve been asking the universe for a few days off work and now I have it. I’ll only be returning to work in 4 days!

Author: Arno Hattingh

Arno matriculated from Hoƫrskool Waterkloof in Pretoria in 2012 and went to study Arts Management at the Western Australian Academy of Arts in Perth. His passion for the arts still remains as he currently works as Logistics Manager at Bakwena Spa in Paarl.

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